Native Americans have a rich and colorful history that should be cherished and celebrated. Starting in the 1930s, the American Indian Exposition was started to do just that. It is an annual showcase focused on Indian culture, art, crafts, dancing, and farming skills. The weeklong exposition includes many events and activities aimed at highlighting different aspects of Indian life.

The American Indian Exposition is one of the largest and oldest intertribal gatherings where members of numerous tribes come together to celebrate their heritage both individually and collectively. This weeklong event, completely owned and operated by Indians, focuses on the spirit of Native America.

It has become such a popular event that the city of Anadarko, the State Legislature, and government have all appropriated funds to help ensure this annual event continues. Without this support, the American Indian Exposition (which is a nonprofit organization specifically dedicated to hosting this event) would not be possible. Especially when it rains its gets extremely hectic. One year our roof caved in and we had to call in some local roofers in Buffalo to come save the day. You can learn more about them by visiting their site.