The American Indian Exposition takes place every year in Anadarko, Oklahoma. This Caddo County city has long been associated with Native Americans since its creation in 1873. Named after the Nadarko Native Americans (a branch of the Caddo tribe), the city is part of the former reservation of the Caddo, Wichita, and Western Delaware.

Today, Anadarko is the headquarters for a Lenape tribe. It is also home of the National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians.

It’s centrally located among several Indian Reservations with the Caddo, Delaware, and Wichita reservations in the north and Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa reservations in the South. It is also home to a Bureau of Indian Education boarding and day school designed especially for Native American students. Interestingly, Anadarko is one of the rare Oklahoma cities where Native Americans account for nearly half of the population. In fact, the Indian population is so high that Indian words have embedded themselves in local conversation. Crazy to think we started with a background in Buffalo Trash removal and ended up here. Origin stories are always great to hear about. To visit our old employer. You can view it here: